Specialty Physicians expands roster of primary care providers

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Specialty Physicians expands roster of primary care providers

September 25, 2020 - 12:40

Specialty Physicians of Illinois LLC (SPI) announced that 42 primary care physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants have joined its physician group of healthcare specialists.

“With the addition of our new primary care providers, SPI now has an unmatched team of more than 80 dedicated providers who deliver comprehensive healthcare services to Chicago Southland patients of all ages across a broad spectrum of specialties and disciplines,” said Sheree Boyd, SPI Director of Operations.

The new SPI primary care providers, who all previously served Southland patients under Franciscan Physician Network, include specialists in family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics and diabetes services. SPI primary care clinics are located in Chicago Heights, Homewood, Matteson, Olympia Fields, Park Forest and Tinley Park

“Each of these dedicated professionals have focused their clinical expertise on serving individuals and families in Chicago’s Southland,” Boyd said.

By joining SPI, these providers are offering their patients seamless access to its network of specialists and surgeons, who have developed clinical expertise in a wide range of specialties, including cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, and much more.

To learn more, or to make an appointment, call 708-679-2380, or visit SPIdoctors.com.

Effective Sept. 15 these clinicians are members of SPI.

  • Tara Allen, RD-CDE, nutrition.
  • Tonja Austin, MD, family medicine.
  • Marie Baird, DO, family medicine.
  • Kathleen Bewley-Thomas, DO, family medicine.
  • Larina Branch, NP-C, family medicine.
  • Kathryn Burke, DO, family medicine.
  • Andrea Cashman Duerinck, NP, family medicine.
  • Jenna Cella, DO, family medicine.
  • Richard Ceragioli, MD, pediatrics.
  • Marjorie Craig, FNP-BC, family medicine.
  • Sandra Dempsey, RD-CDE, diabetes services.
  • Lisa Fantroy, PA-C, family medicine.
  • Anita Farley, NP, family medicine.
  • Kelly Glenn-Snyder, NP, family medicine.
  • Scott Goodwin, MD, diabetes services.
  • Anand Gupta, MD, internal medicine.
  • Alexis Harper, APN, ANCS-PC, diabetes services.
  • Adina Hattar, PA-C, family medicine.
  • Delovely Jackson, NP, family medicine.
  • Maria Jefferson-Walker, NP, family medicine.
  • Yvonne Jimenez, MD, family medicine.
  • Torra Jones, MD, family medicine, emergency medicine.
  • Lance Kirby, PA-C, family medicine.
  • Ira Kumar, MD, pediatrics.
  • Joseph Lach, DO, family medicine.
  • Dionna Lomax, MD, family medicine.
  • Joyce MacLaren, PsyD, psychology.
  • Ather Malik, DO, family medicine.
  • Brett Milkevitch, NP, family medicine.
  • Arsenia Nepomuceno, MD, internal medicine.
  • Edilberto Nepomuceno, MD, internal medicine.
  • Sunil Patel, MD, internal medicine.
  • Neela Patel, MD, pediatrics.
  • Francine Pearce, MD, pediatrics.
  • Leonard Robinson, MD, internal medicine.
  • Gordon Schulz, PsyD, psychology.
  • Michael Settecase, DO, family medicine.
  • Saleem Shahzad, MD, family medicine.
  • John Tibble, DO, family medicine.
  • Lance Wallace, MD, internal medicine.
  • Linda Williams, MD, family medicine.
  • Bryon Wright, OD, optometry.