Pop’s Snack Shop joins the move to GrubHub

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Pop’s Snack Shop joins the move to GrubHub

March 14, 2021 - 18:59

Rita Gavin, co-owner of Pop's Snack Shop, with a sign showing the shop's participation in food delivery service GrubHub. (Nick Ulanowski/H-F Chronicle)

As of the past couple weeks, Pop's Snack Shop in downtown Homewood is on the GrubHub app.

The shop is at 18063 Dixie Hwy. Outside of Pop’s, a sign that says “black owned business” is displayed. When walking inside the store, on the left side, the wall is filled with superhero action figures. 

Customers can buy various candies, cookies, cakes, taffy grapes, a nacho platter and other similar items. And now, these items can be ordered and delivered to your home on GrubHub.

“A lot of our customers initially were based on foot traffic. And so, with the pandemic, we’re losing a lot of customers,” said Rita Gavin, co-owner of Pop's Snack Shop. 

Gavin owns the shop with her husband Richard Gavin. She said that she and her husband have had to “look outside the box” to find new ways to attract customers. “And that’s kind of where GrubHub comes into play,” she said. 

"I would say that the customers from the store haven't made their way to GrubHub yet, but we have found new GrubHub customers that made their way to the store," said Gavin.

Food delivery is more commonly done by restaurant than shops. Nonetheless, on Uber Eats, an app similar to GrubHub, both a nearby 7-Eleven and liquor store are available to Homewood residents for the delivery of prepackaged snacks. 

“It’s very intuitive and very easy to navigate,” said Gavin, referring to GrubHub’s interface.