Flossmoor resident supports Homewood home rule

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Flossmoor resident supports Homewood home rule

February 18, 2018 - 09:51
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Dynamic. Visionary. Proactive. Futuristic. Thriving. Growing. Innovative. Forward thinking. Risk-taking. Fluid. Creative. Open-minded. Accessible. Business-friendly. Trusted. Warm. Welcoming. 
These are a few words I think best describe Homewood.

My family has lived in Flossmoor for almost 50 years. My husband grew up in Homewood. We moved back to Flossmoor from Chicago almost 10 years ago. 
I've enjoyed observing the fine citizens of Homewood in the current spirited debate regarding home rule. Your passion and determination are admirable. What unites all of you is your desire for what's best for Homewood and its residents. I wanted to share a couple thoughts as a non-resident in hopes it may provide a different perspective:
We shop at both of your Jewel stores, at all three Starbucks, Walt’s, Pearson's Bakery and Family Liquors.  We enjoy the assortment of dining options ranging from Balagio to Burrito Express. We order Aurelio's at least once a month. We are customers at Lorenz Appliances, Ace, Dunning’s Market, Luxury Nails, Big Lots, Upsa Daisy, Loulou Belle, Jonathan Kane Salon, Van Sipma’s and more.
We are regular shoppers on Halsted at Menards, Home Depot, Target, Krispy Kreme, Portillo’s, White Castle, Party City, Kohl’s, Petco, Speedway and Delta Sonic. 
My mom and I enjoy Dairy Queen  in the summer. My dad will only take his clothes to Care Cleaners on Dixie.

What I’ve realized is that we spend lots of time and do tons of shopping in Homewood. We will gladly continue to support all of these businesses should the sales tax increase pass. 
Why?  Because we love Homewood. Plus, the convenience of the big box stores along with the charm of all the small independent shops and businesses is the perfect combination for us. I don't think we are alone in our thinking. 
I have complete confidence in the future vision for Homewood set by Mayor Hofeld, village trustees and the staff. They work so tirelessly and would never do anything to put the town in jeopardy. I know that in future elections Homewood residents will carefully vote for the best, most appropriate leaders who will continue to steer your town in the right direction.  
We appreciate Homewood and all of its offerings. You have a really, really good thing going. We have benefited from your successes and are excited for your future! 
Vote ‘yes’ for home rule and ‘yes’ for Homewood! 

Jennifer Molski