Village officials approve agreement to account for boundary-straddling Menards expansion

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Village officials approve agreement to account for boundary-straddling Menards expansion

June 29, 2016 - 14:36
The expansion of Menards will extend the store onto 
the former Brown Derby Road and into the 
village of Thornton. Homewood and Thornton 
officials have approved an agreement in an 
effort to avoid complications that might result 
from one store located in two villages. 

(Chronicle 2015 file photo)

Menards in Homewood will close its doors in less than two weeks so crews can begin a major expansion project. When the enlarged store reopens in seven or eight months, a portion of it will also reside in Thornton.

One store in two villages. 

Straddling a municipal boundary could have been an awkward situation for the villages and the company, but Thornton and Homewood officials took action recently to address potential conflicts.

The village boards in both communities approved an intergovernmental agreement that assigns jurisdiction and responsibility to Homewood for the part of the store that extends into Thornton. Thornton trustees approved the agreement June 6. Homewood trustees followed suit June 14.

The agreement is not an annexation, so the land will remain part of Thornton, but Homewood ordinances will apply there, and Homewood will provide public safety and law enforcement services.

The agreement applies to a strip of land east of the Menards that currently is Brown Derby Road and a small portion of 175th Street, according to Homewood Village Manager Jim Marino. Thornton abandoned Brown Derby Road in 2015 and sold the property to Menards. Homewood did the same with a portion of 175th north of the store and east of Halsted Street.

"There could be a conflict if each municipality enforced its own zoning, building codes and police powers," Marino said.  "It wouldn’t make sense for Thornton’s building inspector to inspect the portion of the building in Thornton, which continues into Homewood, then have our inspector inspect the portion at the border into Homewood.  We wouldn’t want to make Menards comply with two building codes that may conflict with each other."

Access was another issue. With Brown Derby Road closed, Thornton officials and public safety staff have no direct route to the store's property.

The new agreement does not affect an agreement the villages made in 2015 to share additional sales tax generated by the expansion. Thornton will receive 65 percent of the increased revenue or $35,000 per year, whichever is greater. The sales tax sharing agreement will go into effect one year after the expansion is complete and will continue for 20 years.

However, any fines, fees or other taxes generated in the portion of the store covered by the new agreement will go to Homewood.

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