Homewood trustees approve business incentive for Bookies, tour new fire truck

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Homewood trustees approve business incentive for Bookies, tour new fire truck

August 29, 2018 - 19:06

The Homewood Board of Trustees approved business incentives for Bookies New and Used Books, an independent book store being developed at 2015 Ridge Road.

  Giles Dawkins, son of 
  Homewood Trustee Barbara 
  Dawkins, left, gets help 
  holding a small hose 
  from Lt. Jason Presnak.

  (Photos by Eric Crump/
  H-F Chronicle)
The brief meeting was preceded and followed by tours of the village's new fire truck, which went into service Tuesday night.

The village will provide the store with up to $15,958 from the village's non-TIF business incentive program.

Keith Lewis, owner of Bookie's, is putting more than $43,000 into renovating the space, according to Angela Mesaros, village economic development director. The incentive money would help with shelving, carpentry work, and to build out space in the rear for a children’s reading area. Village funds will also help with the installation of energy efficient LED lighting, which qualifies for the Go Green portion of the incentive program.

  Giles Dawkins, left, and 
  Tyler Purcell, son of 
  Trustee Lisa Purcell, pose 
  by Homewood's new fire
  truck on Tuesday. 

Fire Chief Bob Grabowski, Lt. Jason Presnak and Firefighter/Paramedic Ryan Tracy were on hand to explain the features of the new fire truck, which was delivered to the village on Aug. 21. 

They noted improved design for storing equipment that will help firefighters work more efficiently. For example, heavy hoses at the back of the truck are stored at a lower level, allowing firefighters access without having to step up and reach.

The time since the arrival of the truck has been spent organizing equipment storage. Grabowski credited Presnak with taking the lead on outfiting the truck with the department's gear. 

The decals on the truck, including the number 28 and a tribute to fallen firefighter Brian Carey, who died while fighting a fire in 2010, were supplied by the village but applied by the manufacturer, Grabowski said.

The number 28 refers to the Homewood's Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) designation, he said.

Two trustees, Barbara Dawkins and Lisa Purcell, brought their sons to the meeting so they could get a close-up look at the new truck.

Giles Dawkins spent some time in the driver's seat, pretending to steer the truck to an emergency. He said his favorite part of the adventure was getting to blow the horn.

"That horn is very loud," Tyler Purcell noted, but he was generally impressed with the new machine. "It's really cool!"

Other Homewood residents will have an opportunity to view the truck as it is expected to make appearances at a number of block parties during the rest of the summer season. 

In other business, the board:

  • Renewed three-year appointments to the village's Community Relations Committee for Tom Hamilton, Shannon Olison and Ardell Roundree II.
  • Approved the annual report of the village Rail Committee.
  • Approved a budget amendment to transfer $37,300 from the Homewood Science Center's contract/consulting line item to the center's part-time staff line item.
  • Waived competitive bidding on an upgrade of Microsoft Office Suite software in order to move email operations to a more secure off-site server. The upgrade will be purchased through an Illinois Central Management Services joint purchasing contract for no more than $22,326.55.

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Correction: This story originally included renovations that are part of the project but will not be covered by village business incentive funds. The village funds will be used "for custom made shelving, energy efficient lighting, carpentry work, and to build out space in the rear for a children’s reading area," according to Village Manager Jim Marino.