Amended license allows Rabid Brewing to plan outdoor activities

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Amended license allows Rabid Brewing to plan outdoor activities

June 18, 2018 - 15:21
  The owners of Rabid Brewing are planning to 
  use open space just north of their taproom to 
  hold outdoor events now that Homewood trustees 
  have agreed to amend the establishment's 
  liquor license.
(Photo by Eric Crump/H-F Chronicle)
Rabid Brewing will soon host outdoor events after the Homewood village board approved an amendment to the business’s liquor license at the June 12 board meeting.

Rabid’s license didn’t originally allow for the outdoor sale of alcohol. The change allows the brewery to sell beer to patrons in an outdoor area at the brewery at 17759 Bretz Drive.
“Rabid’s taproom is right next to a fantastic huge field which we want to utilize for a range of things, such as taproom spillover and outdoor entertainment events,” Raiye Rosado said. “We believe this is a great location for an outdoor performance space and we’re excited to pilot the concept this summer.”
Rosado and her husband, Tobias Cichon, opened Rabid in fall 2017. 
“We picked this unit specifically because of the field,” Rosado said. “It was important to us to get this (license change) done in time for summer so that we could let people do what they love: Drink beer outside.”

The outdoor area will be about 40 square feet, Rosado said. It will be sectioned off and have seating for about 40 people.
“We have a massive white wall on the side of our building so we’d like to do some late-night outdoor brew n’ view events, which, in my opinion is even better than a drive-in theater,” Rosado said. 

Rosado told the H-F Chronicle that Rabid Brewing does not own the field but has been granted use by the Bretz Drive Business Park condo owner’s association.

"The license allows outdoor drinking provided we follow some common sense guidelines including fencing off the space to be used," she said. "It doesn’t specify the square footage allowable, so our plan is to expand and contract the space as needed.

Rosado said any event hosted by Rabid Brewing that would be large enough to take up the entire field would be a special event requiring additional permitting.
The business’s liquor license application says outdoor noise will stop at 10 p.m. The hours of operation for the outdoor area will be from noon until 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and noon until midnight Friday and Saturday.
Rabid is also planning a bluegrass concert in August or September and other outdoor events. Rosado said several indoor events are in the works, as well.
On Friday, June 22, Rabid will host its first doom metal concert with Bards of Doom featuring Ghost Ape and Plague of Carcosa. 
“Our open mics every other Thursday are becoming pretty neat gatherings of musicians and poets,” Rosado said. “What’s really becoming popular is our beer yoga classes at 1:30 p.m. on Sundays. Seeing people doing yoga poses and balancing with a beer in hand is one of the coolest things. I never imagined that when we started Rabid.”