Local doctor earns BPH treatment accreditation

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Local doctor earns BPH treatment accreditation

December 01, 2020 - 20:38

Specialty Physicians of Illinois, LLC, urologic surgeon Dr. James Siegert has been recognized for his high degree of experience with GreenLight Laser Therapy and his commitment to delivering effective, long-lasting therapy to men suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) making him one of few in Chicago’s Southland to offer this treatment.

Dr. James Seigert

Siegert is among the first in Chicago’s Southland to offer this minimally invasive outpatient procedure, which requires no incisions, uses laser technology to remove overgrown prostate tissue and relieves symptoms related to an enlarged prostate, such as frequent urination, weak urine flow, urgency and incomplete bladder emptying. Although results may vary depending on the patient’s medical history and health condition, this procedure can rapidly restore natural urine flow – often within 24 hours of the procedure. 

“The GreenLight Center of Excellence designation is a meaningful recognition, as we strive to deliver the best possible treatment of urological conditions for patients in Chicago’s Southland,” Siegert said. “For years, the primary BPH treatment options were limited to behavior modification, medication or invasive surgery. Unfortunately, medications may not work for everyone and may have undesirable side effects such as dizziness, sexual dysfunction and diminished sex drive.”

When compared with traditional surgery, GreenLight Laser Therapy patients have shorter hospital stays. More than 90% go home the same day. Patients also experience shorter catheterization times, less bleeding and faster recoveries.

GreenLight Laser Therapy uses laser energy to vaporize the enlarged tissue, creating an open channel for urine to pass through the urethra. In addition to typically experiencing immediate improvements in urine flow, many patients are pleased to know that it typically has no overall deleterious impact on sexual function.

“This therapy treatment is a long-term solution,” said Siegert, who has successfully treated more than 300 patients using GreenLight Laser Therapy. “It’s vital for men who do not want to take medication or want to avoid invasive surgery and implants.”

More than 1 million patients worldwide have been successfully treated with GreenLight Therapy. For more information, visit SPIdocs.org or TreatMyBPH.com.