Legislators react to Speaker Madigan's retirement announcement

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Legislators react to Speaker Madigan's retirement announcement

February 19, 2021 - 20:56

When long-time Illinois Speaker of the House Mike Madigan announced he was retiring at the end of February, the Chronicle asked our local representatives for their reactions. The Chronicle has not received a response from state Rep. Thaddeus Jones.

Rep. Will Davis

"Mike Madigan has been a long-time public servant who accomplished numerous positive things during his tenure, such as changing the school funding formulas. That brought a lot of financial help to the Southland schools when we really needed it. All of the things going on with him now have been something of a distraction. But his era is over now. His issues are no longer something the Legislature needs to deal with, and the General Assembly can move forward."

Rep. Debbie Meyers-Martin

"Speaker Madigan has served his constituents of his district and the state of Illinois with distinction for over five decades. His passion for better access to healthcare, working families and his undying commitment to labor will have lasting positive impacts on thousands of Illinoisans.

"Mike Madigan truly led our Democratic Party to outstanding highs. From Senator Tammy Duckworth to President Barack Obama; Speaker Madigan ensured to the world that Illinois is truly a blue state.

"I sincerely wish he and his family the best as he can now fully enjoy the fruits of life and his beautiful grandchildren."


Rep. Anthony DeLuca

“I believe his departure has more to do with his no longer serving as speaker than any outside actions. I've worked with Mike Madigan for 12 years and recognize a huge disparity between the scrutiny as a hard-hitting political boss and his more human side. My shared experiences with him whether discussing local issues or socializing about family over dinner are very different from the political villain he's become to so many. I choose to acknowledge and remember his more human side.”