Planned Parenthood services, secrecy unnecessary

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Planned Parenthood services, secrecy unnecessary

February 23, 2018 - 21:07
The commentary below represents the ideas, observations and opinions of the author.

Thank you for writing the article “Some Flossmoor residents upset about Planned Parenthood's new facility.” I would like to comment on several issues that residents raised at the Feb. 5 Flossmoor village board meeting.

Village officials correctly stated that Planned Parenthood has the legal right to open up a clinic in Flossmoor despite not revealing its identity until just before opening; to this, Dennis Cortes replied, “just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s ethical.” Planned Parenthood’s intentionally hiding its identity and thus, denying our community the opportunity for public discourse before it opened, is simply wrong. 

Also, village officials said that Planned Parenthood “described the facility as a full-service women’s health center.” This is inaccurate given the limited services it offers per its own website.

It is a common misperception that communities need Planned Parenthood to provide poor women access to health services. Within 15 miles of Flossmoor, there are four federally qualified health care centers that provide the same services as Planned Parenthood Flossmoor, with the exception of abortion and LGBT services, plus truly more comprehensive health care for women. Among them are Aunt Martha’s Women’s Health Center in Chicago Heights, Community Health Center in Hazel Crest and Community Health Care in South Holland. I encourage readers to review both sites and draw their own conclusions. 

An aspect of the meeting not mentioned in the article was how Donna Miller, Chairwoman of the Board for Planned Parenthood Illinois and candidate for Cook County Commissioner, claimed that she had no knowledge of how Planned Parenthood operated in purchasing the property in Flossmoor through the front company Healthcare Partners LLC, in order to hide its identity until just before it opened.

This begs the question of whether Mrs. Miller is qualified to represent our community as Cook County commissioner. For, if as chairwoman of the board of Planned Parenthood Illinois, Mrs. Miller didn’t know her own organization’s expansion strategy within her own south suburban community, then she has neglected her fiduciary responsibility as a member of the board. So, Mrs. Miller was either not forthright with her answer at the meeting, or she is not living up to her fiduciary responsibility. Both scenarios are troubling.

Although our community is divided on Planned Parenthood’s presence in Flossmoor, hopefully we can agree that it is time to establish true solidarity with women in difficult circumstances by offering them the love, support and truth that will encourage life-affirming choices. 

Kris Cortes